ASFB Student Competition in Science Communication awards 2018

Stage: Submissions Open

The Australian Society for Fish Biology (ASFB) Student Competition in Science Communication (SCISC) awards are aimed at creating an opportunity for students to develop and showcase their communication skills.

The awards started in 2016 and proved hugely popular with entrants receiving maximum exposure both online and at the ASFB's annual conference.

To enter the SCiSC, eligible students should create & upload a video about their research of up to 3-minutes in length.

A junior (Honours level) and a senior (Masters/PhD level) winner will be chosen via online voting. One additional “Member’s Choice” winner will also be chosen. Please see rules for full details.


 Funding Available



The Australian Society For Fish Biology was founded in 1971 with the intention of promoting fish studies and the interchange of information between fish biologists in a relaxed but effective manner. Annual Conferences have been held once every year since the Society's inception. They are now the highlight of the Society's calendar, providing a forum for members around Australia to meet and disc...