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Compatibility The solution to face angry people 02/04/2015Written by Santiago Moll 43 Comments stationery Today I come to talk to you about emotions. Today I come to talk about the term compatía . It is a word that does not appear in the dictionary and was coined at the time by one of the greatest specialists on resilience . It is about the educator Al Siebert . In this post I intend to show you what it is and what it is for, and how it can help you when you have to face an angry person. In addition, the article will propose a series of guidelines to properly manage that confrontation you may have with the person angry or angry with you. So I do not entertain you anymore and I'll show you what is meant by compatia. Will you come with me? I was comparing Image taken from Shutterstock What is the compatia? What is the purpose of the compatia? As I said in the introduction to this article, the compatía is a word coined by Al Siebert that would come to be the result of joining these two words: compassion and empathy . Al Siebert decided to create this term to respond to situations in which as a person you require significant emotional strength and considerable emotional intelligence to listen and understand people who are angry or upset with you. Therefore, the purpose of the compatia is to be able to resolve those conflicts that happen to you with people who are angry with you for some reason. The compatibility can be very useful because, projecting it towards those people who are angry with you, you will be able to understand them better, you will have greater capacity for resolution and you will know what to say and how to say it so that the situation of anger can be reversed in a situation of calm and dialogue. What expressions should you avoid when a person is angry or angry at you? I know that what I am going to tell you now may seem strange to you, but I am completely convinced of that. When you have a very angry person in front of you for some reason, avoid starting the conversation with the expressions: Quiet Take it easy Get quiet Do not be nervous just relax In my opinion I am not in favor of initiating a type of conversation with these expressions for a very simple reason: when you say these expressions you are never creating options. Now I want you to stand on the side of the angry person and I want you to ask yourself the following question: How many times, being angry, have you calmed down by hearing the other person say that you are calm? It has never happened to me. If we tell someone to calm down, what happens is that on many occasions he gets more nervous. And he gets more nervous because the answer we give him is not empathic, because he lacks compassion, because he is incapable of generating options and much less solutions. Moreover, in some occasions the mood of the angry person may worsen. That is why, instead of asking the angry person to calm down, what you should do is practice compassion and empathy at the same time by what Al Siebert calls the compatia. How? Let me give you some guidelines on how you should do it. 9 Tips to resolve conflicts with angry people through the compatía. When you have a very annoying or angry person in front of you, you can carry out these simple steps that promote the compatibility towards the other: 1. Start by asking the angry person what is bothering them . Note that if you ask the angry person what bothers you, what you are doing is generating options instead of asking them to calm down. one 2. Listen carefully to what the angry person tells you . It is very important that at the moment in which the person tells you what happens to him, listen carefully to that person. Stop doing what you were doing, look him in the face and while he is speaking to you, nod his head in demonstration that what he is telling you matters to you. 3. Clarify the response of the angry person with one or two questions . Once I have told you the reason for your anger with you it is very important that you ask the angry person one or two questions that help to clarify what he has told you. It is important that these questions are as concise as possible, and do not forget that they must be open questions to generate more options to the angry person. <a href="https://www.speedyessay.co.uk/essay-writing-service.php">Fast Essay Writers UK</a>


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