Nastaran Mazloumi  

A Scientist with experience in the design and conduct of research projects in aquatic physiology, biology and related fields. Experienced in teaching physiology and aquaculture courses. Highly experienced in animal physiology research projects with practical experience in marine and fresh water fish and crustacean biology, ecology, physiology and in the stocking and husbandry of small and large aquatic species. Worked with different sizes of “Swim chamber respirometer” and metabolic rate measurements by “Lab chart” and “Auto-Resp” software. Experienced in otolith chronology and chemical analysis with Image Pro-Plus software and the Laser Ablation Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer (LA-ICP-MS). Authored and co-authored various articles, presented papers at domestic and international conferences. Highly qualified lecturer and researcher with analytical skills and strong capacity to conduct independent research projects.