Maryam Ziaei  

I received my Master of Psychological Science from Iran and my PhD in Neuroscience from School of Psychology, the University of Queensland. I am currently a UQ career development fellow at the Centre for Advanced Imaging, the University of Queensland. During my Master, I studied the neural circuits of pain in rats using electrophysiological method. I then became fascinated by the age-related changes occur in emotional processes. During my PhD, I focused on understanding the networks involved in processing emotionally and socially salient cues in healthy ageing using novel paradigms in conjunction with brain connectivity analyses. I am involved in number of projects to better understand functional and structural changes in ageing. My recent collaboration with the Queensland Brain Institute aims to provide better understanding of the impact of exercise on combating the negative impact of cognitive decline in ageing. I am expert in variety of research methods, namely brain imaging techniques (MRI, functional MRI, DTI, Resting State), Eye-tracking, and cognitive paradigms to address my research questions. While passionate about fundamental research, I have been actively engaged with a broader community to translate my research findings to promote public health.