Joanne Macdonald Verified Researcher

Image1506042287?1506042287 University of the Sunshine Coast

I am a researcher at the University of the Sunshine Coast (Queensland) and also an adjunct Assistant Professor Columbia University (New York, USA). I co-developed a computer from DNA molecules that can play tic-tac-toe interactively against a human opponent, and am developing biosensors that can display text without requiring electricity, because the molecules themselves power the device. I am applying this biosensor technology for the diagnosis of deadly pathogens, including Hendra and Ebola virus, as well as mosquito-transmitted pathogens such as Malaria and Dengue virus. I work closely with industry to translate research into products. For instance, I previously co-invented an anti-cocaine therapeutic enzyme that is now in Phase III clinical trials for treatment of cocaine overdose. I have 8 patents and am currently working to commercialise a diagnostic platform able to rapidly detect multiple pathogens in a single portable hand-held device.