Inty Gronneberg Verified Researcher

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Inty Grønneberg is a Ph.D. researcher in the Engineering Design Group at the Dyson School of Design Engineering. He is a designer, maker, and entrepreneur interested in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (IEEs), with a special focus on clusters of hardware and tangible technologies. Inty has a strong industrial background, as a result of his work with several companies in South America, Asia and Europe since 2007. Within the Engineering Design Group, his research is focused on the development of tools, methods and process for Innovation Management in Entrepreneurship (IME), with a particular interest in technological startups operating in IEES. Inty is Chief Operating Officer (COO) and co-founder of Remora Marine Ltd, a company that develops cutting-edge technology to restore oceans and rivers by removing plastics and synthetic waste. Remora is part of Climate-KIC Accelerator, The EU's main climate innovation initiative, and Innovation RCA, one of the best hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship in the UK. He has also been involved as a co-founder in other initiatives, such as EvoT, Fusehunt, PHD Network and SOSEcuador. In the industrial sector, he worked in several senior roles, such as Manufacturing Operations Manager, Advanced Supplier Quality Coordinator, Senior Specialist Manufacturing Engineer, among others. He was certified instructor of process improvement techniques for Toyota Motor Corp. and General Motors.