Adina Vultur Verified Researcher

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Energetic and enthusiastic scientist with close to 12 years of translational research experience. My goal is to contribute knowledge and therapeutic advances for cancer patients through active research and preclinical studies. With my current position as group leader in the Herz- und Kreislaufphysiologie Institute at the UMG, I now gain expertise in calcium and reactive oxygen species (ROS) signaling in cancer, but my ultimate goal is to integrate all accumulated scientific and preclinical knowledge to advance strategic medicine and patient outcomes. Professional Highlights: -Ph.D. in Pathology and Molecular Medicine -Proven success in project development, staff management, project completion; resulting in senior authored publications. - Successfully developed and managed multidisciplinary scientific projects with: • clinical investigators • pharmaceutical companies • academic partners (national and international) • biotechnology startup companies - Co-investigator on multiple NIH and DFG funded projects -Canada, USA, Germany: extensive onsite scientific research experience in the academic setting for each.