Transition to university, new technologies and vision impairment

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1. Please provide a brief summary of your video and research.

Edgar’s research focuses on students with vision impairments, their experiences of transitioning to university and how new technologies can help address the challenges they face.

His video is an overview of his PhD research project.

Synopsis: The number of students experiencing disabilities enrolled in tertiary institutions has grown steadily over the past decade. However, there is limited research about the factors that influence these students’ experiences of transitioning to university education and how new technologies are used to address transition challenges. Edgar's qualitative study focuses on students with vision impairments. It shows that this group of students uses and adapts new technologies innovatively not only to manage transition issues but also to develop self-determination skills. The research proposes a new paradigm to study and support the transition experience of students experiencing disabilities.

Edgar's thesis can be found here.

Part of the findings can also be found here.

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