Investigating the role of zinc transporters in diabetes

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1. Please provide a short summary of your research, project or technology.

I am a Research Fellow at Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD). My research project focuses on the structure and function of zinc transporters. Zinc transporters play an important role in all living organism by controlling the level of zinc in the cells. Disturbances in zinc homeostasis is known to contribute or exacerbate chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. One of my target transporter, for instance, is known to be involved in production of insulin. Mutations on this protein have been associated with altered risk of type 2 diabetes (T2D) via a still unknown mechanism. The aim of my research is to elucidate this mechanism by solving the three-dimensional structure of a human zinc transporter and provide new insights to better understand the role of this protein in diabetes.


Rafael Tavares
about 2 years ago

Great video! Promise research!!

Maria Nguyen
about 2 years ago

Great project, good luck Camila! :)

Veronica Soares
about 2 years ago

Good luck!!

Kevin Begcy
about 2 years ago

Very promising research.

Álvaro Gomes da Silva
about 2 years ago

Good luck!


I am a Research Fellow at Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD). I have a biochemistry background with emphasis in membrane proteins. My research project focusses on the structure and funct...

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