The Future of Education with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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1. Please provide a brief summary of your video and research.

When I started teaching computer science 10 years ago, I quickly realised that students not only progressed at different rates - but always had different starting points and different backgrounds. This combined with standardised testing, creates a ruthless, unfair, sink or swim atmosphere within education. Moreover, education is heading straight towards a devastating iceberg in the form of accelerating technological displacement -- just in case we didn’t have enough on our plates! The world needs a future-focused scalable solution to make education what it should be - relevant, empowering, inclusive, inspiring and fun.

In my research, I am creating software that will personalise learning through a virtual trainer called Alex. Alex is a future focused scalable solution to learn skills with the power of AI and machine learning. Through this technology, we have the potential to radically accelerate learning for each student with machine learning algorithms. These algorithms provide predictive learning paths and helps teachers to easily detect patterns of misunderstanding. Alex - the virtual trainer, learns the learning behaviour of each student and gets better and better at tailoring personalised content with each interaction; thus, maximising personal bests, and helps each student to realise their true learning potential.

My vision is that my software will enable a truly individualised flipped learning experience. Teachers and schools with radically reduced stress from tracking and marking, can then focus on what this software cannot provide -- like highly collaborative hands-on experiences.

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