Idiosyncrasies of Nature - Micro and Macro





1. Tell us a little bit about your photo(s)

These photos capture two different viewpoints of the natural world. The first is a through the lens exploration of biological detail. It applies macro and telephoto perspectives to exhibit minute detail and idiosyncrasy of the animals and plants that exist beside us. The second perspective mirrors these details with a contrast of enormous, wide angled landscapes. This serves to remind the viewer of our place in the grand scheme of things. Alerting the individual to the significance of their insignificance.

2. Photo 1

Cs   yawn

3. Photo 2

Cs   pounce

4. Photo 3

Cs   bright and bursting

5. Photo 4

Cs   a cold supper

6. Photo 5

Cs   drama of the tatras

7. Photo 6

Cs   the significance of insignificance

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Silviu Dobrota
almost 4 years ago

Really great photos. I would recommend giving info on what species those animals are and when and where you took the photos.

Silviu Dobrota
almost 4 years ago

PS: The ones with the spiders are my favourite.

Daniel Heller
over 2 years ago

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