Taming our immune system when it drives disease

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1. Please provide a short summary of your research, project or technology.

Inflammation acts as our bodies alarm system in response to danger such as infection, injury or disease. Whilst essential for our protection, uncontrolled inflammation also contributes to chronic health conditions such as autoimmune diseases, cancer and cardiovascular disease. I focus on a cell in our immune system called the macrophage and my aim is to uncover how these cells turn inflammation on, so that we can develop new drugs to turn it off when undesirable. I have recently discovered an interaction between two proteins within macrophages and if we prevent this interaction using small molecule drugs we can reduce inflammation. This is particularly exciting because these types of drugs are already used in humans to treat certain cancers so we know that they are safe and well-tolerated. My hope is that this research will contribute to new anti-inflammatory therapies to treat debilitating diseases.


Helen Sherrell
over 2 years ago

Inspirational work!

Hayley Pawson
over 2 years ago

Amazing work Mel

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over 2 years ago

Absolutely great work Mel!

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over 2 years ago

Amazing and essential work!!

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over 2 years ago

Inspiring stuff!

Patricia Walden
over 2 years ago

You are amazing and deserve a million votes!

Connie Nordahl
over 2 years ago

Wow, amazing and important work that you are doing Melanie! Awesome, you truly deserve an award for all your effort, time and dedication to your field of work. You are such an inspiration!! :-)

Frances Gillies
over 2 years ago

Such amazing work. You are one inspiring woman, Mel. ?

Pip Williams
over 2 years ago

So this is what you’ve been up to!? You’re amazing, Mel.

Vinje Randall
over 2 years ago

This is wonderful! Well done Mel

Jessica Adams
over 2 years ago

This is a great insight into your work and passion, Mel. Wishing you good luck in this and also for every future endeavor.

Milena Hertell
over 2 years ago

Wow that is super cool! I had no idea you were a super smart scientist! All the best with this!

margaret pinz
over 2 years ago

Go Mel! Little did I know whilst teaching you how to keep your bow straight , that you would end up doing such valuable and fascinating research !

Michelle Clark
over 2 years ago

You are awesome Mel x

Brenda Sullivan
over 2 years ago

Such fabulous work Mel. So happy that u’ve found ur passion - a fair way from school days right:) Awesome Mel. Xx

Kathryn Close
over 2 years ago

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Michele Walsh
over 2 years ago

Really interesting and exciting work. Thanks Mel on behalf of us all.
Shelly x

Vanessa Douglas
over 2 years ago

Mel this is amazing!!!! What a thrilling career. Well done. Am in awe!

Rachel Starr
over 2 years ago

Married to a "rare tiger" who has both Positive-ANCA Vasculitis and highly aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis, I could not consider this work to be more critical or fascinating. The world is a far better place with minds like yours in it :)

Ivonne Rother
over 2 years ago

All the best in your career and thanks being such an inspiration

Terry Hamilton
over 2 years ago

Fantastic work Mel x

Toni Phillips
over 2 years ago

Awesome Mel!