The Secret Lives of Port Jackson Sharks

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1. Summary

As a common species in southern Australian waters, the Port Jackson shark became our focus in this study where we are combining the latest technologies to enhance our understanding of shark behaviour and movement ecology.


Culum Brown
over 2 years ago

Better understanding of shark behaviour to help save sharks and people

MariannaK MariannaK
over 2 years ago

Very comprehensive, informative and fun video??

Kimkliska Kimkliska
over 2 years ago

Great work :) ver clear explanations & great footage

Marcie George
over 2 years ago

Good job Juliana, and Good Luck!

CarolineHartevelt CarolineHartevelt
over 2 years ago

Great video, Julianna. You definitely deserve to get this after all of your hard work!

syeilding syeilding
over 2 years ago

Congrats! Wish I could vote 1,000 times!

SarahLatts SarahLatts
over 2 years ago

Fantastic video. Love the work you are doing!

Jase Jase
over 2 years ago

Good luck!

Didikovacs Didikovacs
over 2 years ago

Great job and I hope you win!!

fisherman fisherman
over 2 years ago

Congratulation Julianna. This job is more interesting than the job You did for me at Alcon inc. Good luck to you and to your beautiful sharks.

damjankertesz damjankertesz
over 2 years ago

Super interesting video! Thank you for sharing.

martonkertesz martonkertesz
over 2 years ago

Much appreciated, thank you for the video!

Dorottya Dorottya
over 2 years ago

Congrats Julcsi! Great video, job well done !

Sandrap Sandrap
over 2 years ago

Great video and information about the sharks!

pbuck14 pbuck14
over 2 years ago

Loved the video! Very informative, especially the shark simulation.

Kerry Seymour-Smith
over 2 years ago

Super fab! A winner in so many ways! So proud of you!

over 2 years ago

Fantastic, real-world vital research with entertaining video production

Peter Ward
over 2 years ago

Really interesting research! Can't wait to see more results, keep it up!

sharonclarke sharonclarke
over 2 years ago

What is so striking about this video is that it speaks to academics as well as everyday people. Opening windows on worlds yet unknown. High merit here!

CharlotteLouiseCox CharlotteLouiseCox
over 2 years ago

You go gal :)

Flavio Esposito
over 2 years ago

Nice video and interesting research!

kcherrin kcherrin
over 2 years ago

Great footage! See you soon at the zoo!

sfwilkins sfwilkins
over 2 years ago

How cool. Good Job Julianna.

Tori Graham
over 2 years ago

Great job, good luck!

LauraVazquez1 LauraVazquez1
over 2 years ago

Good luck!

Mazsika1234 Mazsika1234
over 2 years ago

Good luck!

SzucsIlona SzucsIlona
over 2 years ago

Annyira megnyugtató a hangod, Julcsi :) Sok sikert!

Claud Maximus
almost 2 years ago

pretty good ,there are many ways u could film this for more powerful effect music and sound effects also add to this

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