FingerReader: Enabling People with Visual Impairments to Access visual Information on the go

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FingerReader: Enabling People with Visual Impairments to Access Information on the go

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People with visual impairments face numerous difficulties with existing state-of-the-art technologies including problems with accuracy, mobility, efficiency, cost, and more importantly social exclusion. The design of FingerReader address these challenges as it allows users to simply point at objects to perform a recognition and interpretation task on what the FingerReader sees and hear the result spoken to him or her through a bone conduction headset. We believe FingerReader will make a significant impact on how the visually impaired community can independently access information on the go.

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Osh War
11 months ago

Fantastic innovation!

Sameera Kasun
11 months ago

This is a wonderful innovation which enables blind people to have a regular lifestyle. We'll done Prof. Suranga and his team. Wish all the success for the future projects.

Gayan Gunatillake
11 months ago

Remarkable inventovation

Kanushka Jayakody
11 months ago

This is groundbreaking innovation.

Sriyani Warusavithana
11 months ago

Well done Suranga, please do more innovations

Dimuthu Dharshana
11 months ago

The technology is to make peoples' lives more comfortable.. Fantastic...

Lahiru Paranamana
11 months ago

Well done Suranga!

Sanka Ravipriya
11 months ago

Great work Suranga! Wonderful way in which technology is used to create an inclusive society!

Rahul Rajashekar Shastry
11 months ago

Meaningful initiative led by an empathetic human being! All the best to you, Suranga, and to your team at Augmented Human Lab.

Nipuna Priyamal
11 months ago

Great work..Congratzzz..!!!!

Dilini Weerasingha
11 months ago

Well done ! Great innovation.

Nimshi Fernando
11 months ago

Great work sir ?

Dasun Disanayake
11 months ago

Great work suranga and your team.more power for your future innovation

Thushan Jayawardana
11 months ago

this create great help to blind community around the world.keep it up.

Roanga De Silva
11 months ago

Superb Work!!

Sakura Abeysinghe
11 months ago

Superb work. Keep it up ?

Wenuka Gunarathna
11 months ago

Great, this kind of innovations makes the world a better place. Good luck :D (Y)

Sasanka Sinhasiri
11 months ago

Congratulations to you. This is an outstanding invention.

Isuri Wijesundara
11 months ago

Good presuit of invent. Thanks for implementing platform on differently abled.

Troy Harkin
11 months ago

Been following this project for quite some time now. Magnificent work!

Ridmi Nimeshani
11 months ago

Great work sir !!!

Ishan Kawinda
11 months ago

What a fabulous creation !

Roshan Soysa
11 months ago

Wish you and your team to innovation and creation more helpful to people who are bistables in worldwide. Great job

Prabodhika Punchihewa
11 months ago

Great Initiative and Wish you & your team all the best!!!

Suvi Makawita
11 months ago

Great innovation .. all the best..

Kamani Pandura
11 months ago

Great stuff

Kalana Jayasundara
11 months ago

Nice Project. Keep it up

Kumara Prabath
11 months ago

Keep up the good work, Suranga

ahlam majid
11 months ago

Thanks for your kind of information. Hope you include more post.

Harith Perera
11 months ago

Well done

Haren Kasthuri
11 months ago

Niyami ayya

Duminda Perera
11 months ago

Thank you

afsal salam
11 months ago

Nice post,Thank you for sharing.

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Kelum Withana
11 months ago

Niyamai Ayye

Devon Silva
11 months ago

Amazing work!

Shahid Sangani
11 months ago

Keep up the good work Suranga to make the world a better place for all people

Chamila Wijekuruppu
11 months ago

Keep up the good work !!

Kajani Gnanachandran
11 months ago

Keep it up! Best Wishes!

Sewwandi Kumarage
11 months ago


lalitha peiris
11 months ago

Good Luck Suranga.. Best Wishes!

Tivanka Ekaratne
11 months ago

Great work Saranga !! Your talents , your thoughts, your contributions have made a huge difference and it will come back to you like a boomerang; the goodness. God bless you and May noble triple gem bless you !! Please continue to do more innovations and I must say, Sri Lanka is proud of you as much as your parents are ?? Cheers !!

Neela Jayasuriya
11 months ago

Very proud of your innovative research works. Wish you all the success in finding solutions to the humentarion needs utilizing your talents.

Sathindra Amarasinghe
11 months ago

Your message to the entire community of researchers in the globe is very powerful: To invent something useful to the human kind. You are indeed an inspiration. Best wishes for more inventions of this nature!

Haarsh Nanayakkara
11 months ago

Proud of you brother! Wish you success in everything you do.

Hasitha Jayasinghe
11 months ago

Congratz bro

Himali Rathnaweera
11 months ago

Grate work

Dhanushka Inimankada
11 months ago

? congratulations ?

Thisara Prabath
11 months ago


Manel Nanayakkara
11 months ago


Suranga Nanayakkara
11 months ago

Thank you all for voting for our work!

Vindya Cumaratunga
11 months ago

Great Innovation. Wish you Best.

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Suranga Nanayakkara is an Associate Professor at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute at the University of Auckland. He received his PhD and his Bachelor of Engineering from the National Universit...

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