Using text messaging to extend diabetes self-management support outside the clinic environment

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The increasing prevalence of diabetes and costly long-term complications associated with poor glycaemic control are issues facing health services internationally. For people with diabetes, engagement with self-management is critical for successful outcomes particularly in those with poor control. There is a need for innovative tools to deliver self-management interventions, and there is growing evidence for the use of mobile health (mHealth) for this purpose. Self-Management Support for Blood Glucose (SMS4BG) is a novel text message-based intervention for supporting people with diabetes to improve self-management behaviours and achieve better glycaemic control and is tailored to individual patient preferences, demographics, clinical characteristics, and culture. The development of SMS4BG included extensive formative work and end-user engagement to ensure it meets the needs of the population it is designed to reach, is evidence based, and theoretically grounded. A pilot study found SMS4BG to be acceptable and perceived as useful, and a randomised controlled trial confirmed its effectiveness in improving diabetes control in adults across New Zealand.

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I am a Registered Psychologist currently working at the National Institute for Health Innovation at the University of Auckland. My work looks at the use of mobile technology to deliver information ...