Fiddler crabs; their mystery behaviour

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1. Summary

Fiddler crabs are intertidal animals that live in mangrove forests, mudflats, sandbars or stone beaches. They occur in big numbers making the interaction with each other extremely interesting. There is a lot about fiddler crabs mating behaviour and fight behaviour between males that we still don’t know.


2. Description

Fiddler crabs depend on a burrow and are highly dependant on the tides. They feed, hide, escape from predators, and incubate in their burrow. They also use it as a refuge during high tide and as a source of water for keeping their gills wet on low tide. Males have an enlarged claw that they use to attract females, but also use to defend their territory against other males. Females leave their burrow when they are ready to mate, and will often visit several burrows before choosing a male to mate with. Fiddler crabs inhabit Darwin, where I want to conduct my research on male and female behaviour.


3. Additional Details



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