Project AIRSHIP: shark spotting made simple

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1. Summary

Based in the small coastal township of Kiama we run a shark spotting program designed to provide continuous coverage of a beach.
Additional footage shot by Paul Jones and Tom Keyes.
Funding from Kiama Council, the DPI and the Save Our Seas Foundation.


Odonoghuel Odonoghuel
about 3 years ago


thewoz61 thewoz61
about 3 years ago

great idea!

jennytot jennytot
about 3 years ago

I love this idea - a really novel way to help people be safe while at the beach.

Susie Crick
about 3 years ago

Fantastic work Kye! Congratulations and I hope you win.

Numbnuts Numbnuts
about 3 years ago

Wow, what a fantastic idea. Good luck Kye

Sarahfrances Sarahfrances
about 3 years ago

Go Kye ??

elatedpixie elatedpixie
about 3 years ago

A laudable effort at promoting greater symbiosis...

Neil Adams
about 3 years ago

Excellent ethics - good luck Kye.

Rachelswain86 Rachelswain86
about 3 years ago

Awesome ✌️✌️

Runmuppet Runmuppet
about 3 years ago

Great idea!!! Very clever and clearly needed.

Mosh Mosh
about 3 years ago

Brilliant idea helps protect both sharks and swimmers. Well done. I hope this concept goes global !

Lisa George
about 3 years ago

So clever, good luck Kye

pompeiirules pompeiirules
about 3 years ago

Great idea best of luck.

SimonLee SimonLee
about 3 years ago

Doing a great job yew!

Criney Criney
about 3 years ago

Kye!! Absolutely brilliant!! I had no idea you were up to this. Well done. I hope you secure more funding. Such innovative thinking. I don't think most of the general public who support the removal of sharks are aware that most shark attack victims DO NOT want to remove the sharks at all and understood the risk.