Adaptable shoes for Digital Nomads. (Content may disturb)

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Adaptable shoes for Digital Nomads. (Content may disturb)

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This PhD research through design practice is a conceptual proposal for a mass-produced, multipurpose, transformable shoe to satisfy the lifestyle requirements of contemporary nomads. It examines the current trend of making a living that is completely independent of geographic coordinates, often referred to as ‘digital nomadism’ (DN). The aim of this research is to design shoes that would be easy to pack and also transform to support a variety of activities, occasions and purposes, to benefit a dynamic or unpredictable lifestyle. It is influenced by pop culture, social media and urban fashion.

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#donotstaystill #DNshoes #nomadshoes


Giorgio Dell'Erba
over 1 year ago

Great idea! This can really make the difference!

Alessandro Spagnoli
over 1 year ago

Love the concept of the DN - this idea is rrally fit for purpose;)

Wladek Czosnowski
over 1 year ago

Well done and useful for somebody like me who spends a lot of $ on comfortable shoes!

Areef Shaik
over 1 year ago

Transformable stuff make huge impact on every individual's life. As an unsteady traveler I always craved for compact and multi-purpose products that make my travel easy.

Claire Hughes
over 1 year ago

Great idea and cannot wait to see your final products.

Malcolm Doidge
over 1 year ago

I’ll wear them!

Mayela Flores
over 1 year ago

Travel is becoming a experience of life and you always need a comfortable/flexible shoes to step forward. Love that you always have great inspiration for make an impact and every project.

Camila Rios
over 1 year ago

such a cool idea!!! I would love to have a pair of those!!!

Yuqiao Wang
over 1 year ago

You go girl! Great concept & looking forward to seeing your final product. Keep me posted :-)

Basia Czosnowski Mogck
over 1 year ago

Best of luck on this initiative!

Piotr Świderek
over 1 year ago

3mam kciuki!

Teresa Maria Zalewska
over 1 year ago

Gratuluję inspiracji! Trzymam kciuki !

Krystyna Zalewska
over 1 year ago

Madziu Trzymam kciuki !

Julia Wiśniewska
over 1 year ago

Sympatyzuję i trzymam kciuki :)

arun kumars
over 1 year ago

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Magdalena Karasinska is a PhD Candidate at Massey University of New Zealand (College of Creative Arts). She received her Master of Art in Poland and worked for years in Milan, Italy. Her works wer...

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