Digital technology and inclusive workplace

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This study analyses how professionals with visual impairments use digital technology in their information-oriented work operations. Activity theory provided the theoretical lens to frame work as an activity system and the notion of digital artifacts and their attributes were used to analyse the process of making information accessible to perform work tasks. The empirical investigation focuses on two activity systems. One is a kitchen work activity system with a low vision professional; the other is a policy work activity system with a blind professional. The granularity of the analysis explains how these professionals enact digital artifact attributes to make non-accessible information accessible. The study presents three main findings, which offer an opportunity for collective improvement of work practices. First, it reveals the nuanced differences in the enactment of digital artifact attributes between low vision and blind professionals by tracing the reformatting process that transforms visual information into formats that are accessible to them (i.e. visually enhanced, aural and tactile). Second, it corroborates the enabling role digital technology plays in the fulfillment of information-oriented work operations for professionals with visual impairments. Third, it reveals the tensions that arise between the assignment of solo responsibility of information-oriented work operations to visually impaired professionals and the moral imperative of implementing inclusive work practices.

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Drew Franklin
about 3 years ago

Awesome work Antonio and Angsana, fascinating (and fundamental) research!

Freddie Mbuba PhD
about 3 years ago

Wonderful research Antonio and Angsana, and all the best!

Marian Makkar
about 3 years ago

Great research from two great minds!

Claire Gabriel
about 3 years ago

Congratulations Antonion and Angsana, amazing research.

Abraham Zhang
about 3 years ago

Amazing research!

Ursula Foley
about 3 years ago

Just a sample of the amazing work from our researchers here at AUT. Antonio and Angsana are so humble it is great that other people get to see the impact these two are capable of!

Allison M
about 3 years ago

Fantastic research, this is really great!

Sarah Trotman
about 3 years ago

WOW More outstanding research from an outstanding team! I'm in awe of you.
Sarah T

Lian-Hong Brebner Aut
about 3 years ago

This is such a timely and relevant research for our diverse workplace. Well done Antonio and Angsana. You deserve to win!


Antonio joined the dynamic team of researchers at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in 2009. Prior to joining AUT, he lectured at The University of Auckland, where he obtained his PhD in Mana...

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