Music, Houses and Science

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The ‘buzz’ we get from listening to music is no accident. A great performance is a result of skilled and dedicated craftspeople, using high quality and well maintained tools, working collaboratively off the same score, to achieve a common goal. The most successful music groups are complex networked systems that embrace continual improvement, a refined understanding of their audience needs, and a positive approach to innovation and change.

Similarly, a house is a system involving many components, technologies and people that collectively affect its livability, affordability and societal impact, immediately and over time. My research applies a variety of scientific approaches to housing to inform the development of products, processes and subsystems that can enhance the performance of our dwellings to benefit occupants and society. In particular my research focuses on subsystems, and their interactions, that impact on the indoor environment, occupant health, energy consumption and the electricity network. 

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Kristine Mann
over 2 years ago

We all want environmentally efficient houses suited to the Queensland climate - thanks for improving this for us through your research Wendy!

Carol Hon
over 2 years ago

Well done Wendy.

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I am a building scientist working on improving the comfort, health, livability and energy efficiency of housing in the subtropics and tropics. My research takes a holistic systems approach and inco...

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