High-speed OSAM scanning microscopy for early diagnosis of cancer

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1. Summary

My research is particularly centred in the cross-disciplinary field of bio-nano-photonics, that is, discovery and application of the novel properties of light on the nanometre (a millionth of a millimetre) scale for the study of molecules, cells and tissues. This emerging direction is considered to have great potential to revolutionise a broad range of areas including environmental science, agriculture, life sciences and medicine.


2. Description

Contemporary life sciences require advanced methods to study a large number of molecular species at the same time, in order to reveal their naturally complicated behaviour and interaction. However, existing techniques are practically limited to the order of a magnitude of 100. My research is focused on so-called optical multiplexing techniques that are intended to substantially increase the throughput and accuracy for biosensing and analysis in an automated and cost-efficient way. The key Intellectual Properties invented by our team have attracted significant interest from the biomedical industry, and I believe that through further development and validation, they will contribute to timely diagnosis and treatment at the early stage of illness, particularly in the era of “personalised medicine”.



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Dr Yiqing Lu received his BEng degree in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University in 2007 and became interested in the development of analytical methods and instrumentation for biomedical an...