Indigenous Climate Change Adaptation

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Toni has been developing community climate change adaptation programmes to address risk associated with our changing climate. Toni has researched adaptation in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Canada, part of the United States of America and Australia. Whilst developing the adaptation plans, Toni has ensured Indigenous people are incorporated across all levels in the development of climate adaptation frameworks. With a focus on Traditional Knowledge alongside risk reports ensuring a holistic view and in-depth local knowledge resulting in more responsive adaptation plans with improved resilience. Toni has performed environmental and climate change presentations and education programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland and New South Wales as well as Indigenous people throughout Oceania.


Toni's work has improved Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's knowledge of climate adaptation and increased awareness in adaptation actions. Toni has also been instrumental in raising awareness of Traditional Knowledge being implemented across all adaptation programmes as this is imperative for adaptation's successful outcomes. She has also been researching climate adaptation and Indigenous people and an advocate for ensuring the most vulnerable people in a community are included in adaptation framework development. 'A community programme is only successful if it has reached our most vulnerable'.

Toni is committed to advising how Indigenous Knowledge can and should be utilised across every part of the adaptation process. 'There is no reason why Indigenous people can not be included in the planning and implementation of community adaptation plans.'


Toni's scientific engagement activities;

  • 2019 * Keynote Speaker, Panellist & Chair - Queensland Government Climate Week Asia Pacific Subnational Leaders & First Nations Climate Summit

  • 2019 * Speaker - Oceania Ecosystem Forum – Traditional Knowledge instrumental in identifying micro habitat variation and climate signals and triggers

  • 2019 * Climate Change Panel - Regional Environmental Network Hui

  • 2019 * Workshop - Youth Jam Climate Change

  • 2018 * Speaker - NAIDOC Sydney - Climate Change adaptation strategies for rural and remote Australia presenting to Indigenous women

  • 2017 * Presenter - Oceania Ecosystem Forum, Ocean Acidification Effects on Aquaculture - methodologies transferred to the natural environment



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