Sustainable livestock production and gender equity, hand in hand

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1. Please provide a short summary of your research, project or technology.

There are two complementary topics I am passionate about: gender equity and sustainable agriculture. I believe that we cannot address fast enough our sustainable development goals without addressing gender inequalities at the leadership table. Also, through my research, I aim at informing policy and decision-making around food production to help feed the people of Australia and the world more sustainably and equitably now and in the future. I have a particular interest in livestock production systems and assess, through computer modelling, the relationship between grass-fed livestock (cattle, sheep, and goats), food security, biodiversity, and climate change. 

2. Additional Details

Personal website (includes blogposts, scientific publications, media interviews, CV and contact details)

3-min research pitch



Media coverage


ABC Radio National - The World Today (Sarah Sedghi)

ABC Radio Brisbane & Queensland (Kelly Higgins Devine)

Qweekend - The Courier Mail (Leanne Edmistone)

Les Nouvelles NEWS (Arnaud Bihel)

UQ blogpost - International Women's Day (Katie Rowney)


Fairfax Media (Shan Goodwin)

ABC Radio Far North (Kier Shorey)

ABC Radio Brisbane & Queensland (Rebecca Levingston)

The University of Queensland blogpost

Extensive media coverage on a report I co-lead “Grazed and Confused?”

CSIRO blogpost

Journal Articles

Godde, C., Garnett, T., Thornton, P., Ash, A., Herrero, M., 2017. Grazing systems expansion and intensification: drivers, dynamics, and trade-offs. Global Food Security.

Godde, C.M., Thorburn, P.J., Biggs, J.S., Meier, E.A., 2016. Understanding the Impacts of Soil, Climate, and Farming Practices on Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration : A Simulation Study in Australia. Front. Plant Sci. 7, 1–15.


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R package

Godde, C., Boone, R., Bowden, J., 2017. Rgrange: R interface to the GRange rangeland modelling software. R package version 0.1.


Garnett, T.*, Godde, C.*, Muller, A., Röös, E., Smith, P., Boer, I. De, Ermgassen, E., Herrero, M., Middelaar, C. Van, Schader, C., Zanten, H. Van, 2017. Grazed and confused? Ruminating on cattle, grazing systems, methane, nitrous oxide, the soil carbon sequestration question – and what it all means for greenhouse gas emissions. Oxford, UK. *lead-authors

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Predictive cartography of wetlands in the Cèze river catchment, France:

Godde C., Caucanas G., Denelle P., Joly V., Ralambondrainy J., 2014. Prélocalisation des zones humides du bassin versant de la Cèze. AgroParisTech, Nancy, Lorraine.

Identification and proposal of integrated environmental management of the ecological habitats of the French areas: Vallon de Canada and Barrage du Pont du Roi:

AgroParisTech, 2013. Etude préliminaire en vue de l’établissement du DOCOB Site fr2600998: forêt de ravin et landes du vallon de Canada, barrage du Pont du Roi. AgroParisTech, Nancy, Lorraine.

Children's book

Non-academic children book: Godde, C., 2016. Farmers of the world – Fermiers du monde. Ginger Press, Brisbane. ISBN-13: 9781522797982. ISBN-10: 152279798X.


Nathalie Bock
over 2 years ago

Congratulations Cecile! You are a truly inspirational woman in STEM!