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In the world of makeup, liquid lipsticks are the craze right now and unfortunately the good brands and shades aren’t readily available in Australia which means women end up spending crazy amounts of money on P&H to purchase liquid lipsticks from brands such as Kylie and Jeffree Starr in order to ship them from America. Even then, stock is very limited and many miss out meaning demand is incredibly high! Now, imagine if we could use this high demand for a quality liquid lipstick to do something positive and empowering for women. Imagine if we could help cure breast cancer. This is where the concept of L-ement comes in.
The customer will choose their shade from a periodic table of elements online where each element represents a unique colour. Beautifully encased in a premium matte box, the customer will receive their L-ement in the mail.  Not only will L-ement make the consumer feel more confident and satisfied with the affordability, the cruelty free nature and the local production of the high quality product but it will also make them feel amazing knowing that part of what they spent will go into helping cure breast cancer, and thus helping other women.  


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