Moral Panics and Techno-Fixes: The social shaping of shark deterrent technologies

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1. Summary

This study aims to examine the boundaries of human ability and motivation to reduce environmental threat, specifically the threat of shark encounters. The lense through which this will be examined is that of technology. How does our drive to reduce risk shape the way technologies are developed and the type of technology that is implemented? To what extent do we rely on technological fixes to perceived problems, and how far do our expectations of these fixes extend? With these questions in mind, how then do we determine when a technological fix to shark-human interactions is effective?

Hopefully this information will allow us to develop technologies in a way that maximises safety for humans and minimises the impact on marine life.

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Tullio Rossi
over 4 years ago

Very important research. You've got my vote! Check out our submission

Elle Worthington
over 4 years ago

Thank you for all your efforts

Irene Cat
over 4 years ago

Fab work lass

Mel K
over 4 years ago

Great video! Keep up the great work Evie :)

Sam Rodgers
over 4 years ago

Voted, go Ev!

Daniel Coleman
over 4 years ago

Nice one Evelyn. Good luck!

Casey Grimston
over 4 years ago

Looking forward to your findings Evie!

Liam Casey
over 4 years ago

Nice to know one day we might not fear losing our legs. Good luck!

Mahlin Ångman
over 4 years ago

Good work Eve!

Uwana Evers
over 4 years ago

Awesome research, Evelyn! Good luck!