Theranostic Therapy for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer - a new treatment paradigm. Making metastatic disease a fear of the past.

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1. Please provide a short summary of your research, project or technology.

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting both men and women in Australia. One-third to one-fifth of patients are diagnosed late, with advanced disease termed "metastatic" cancer. This means that the disease has spread throughout the body. Unfortunately, a large proportion of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer have very limited treatment options, suffer terrible symptoms and have only a short time to live.

My project is trialling a new cancer treatment, termed "theranostic therapy". This uses specialised targetting molecules, loaded with chemotherapy or radiation, that can exclusively target and kill cancer cells that have spread throughout the body, while leaving normal tissue untouched. If successful, we will give patients with metastatic colorectal cancer the greatest chance of survival on both a national and international level.

2. Additional Details

The concept of this project was inspired by similar treatment paradigms being employed for other cancers including metastatic prostate cancer - another very common cancer occurring in men.

Although the treatment concept is very early in its development, it has immense potential given its proof of concept for another cancer. My project will perform both a proof of concept and pilot study where applicable for metastatic colorectal cancer.

As part of my project, I am collaborating with many different specialised research centres in Brisbane. This includes the Translation Research Institute, CSIRO, Mater Research Institute, the University of Queensland, the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital and the Herston Imaging Research Facility. Specialist researchers and clinicians involved with the project includes Assoc/Prof David Clark (Colorectal Surgeon RBWH), Assoc/Prof Andrew Stevenson (Colorectal Surgeon RBWH), Prof John Hooper (Research Fellow Mater Research Institute), Dr Simon Puttick (Research Fellow Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology) and Prof Paul Thomas (Director HIRF).

Below is a theranostic-based pilot study performed by an international research group.

Scarpa L(1), Buxbaum S(1), Kendler D(1), Fink K(1)(2), Bektic J(3), Gruber L(4), 

Decristoforo C(1), Uprimny C(1), Lukas P(2), Horninger W(3), Virgolini I(5). The 68Ga/177Lu theragnostic concept in PSMA targeting of castration-resistant

prostate cancer: correlation of SUVmax values and absorbed dose estimates. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2017 May;44(5):788-800. doi:

10.1007/s00259-016-3609-9. Epub 2017 Jan 12.

DOI: 10.1007/s00259-016-3609-9 

PMID: 28083690 [Indexed for MEDLINE]

This project sets out to streamline the bench to bedside transition for a novel therapeutic from laboratory experiment to a clinical treatment. Being a clinician, my interest is in proving concept, establishing levels of safety and introducing a successful treatment modality to palliative patients as soon as feasible.


David Clark
over 2 years ago

Tremendous concept Tahleesa. All the best with the crucial funds you need to get this project off the ground.

Donna Garbin
over 2 years ago

All the best Tahleesa with this awesome and amazing new project !!!

Janet Haydon
over 2 years ago

What a wonderful dream. Best wishes for your needed funding,

Alan de Costa
over 2 years ago

Transformative work, Tahleesa. Your colleagues in Cairns are very proud of your work and achievement.

Maree Barletta
over 2 years ago

Fantastic Tahleesa - here’s hoping you get the findings needed to do this valuable research. Keep up the amazing work you do!

Virginia Cuda
over 2 years ago

Goodluck Tahleesa, We hope you achieve everything you want!

Kathy Turrisi
over 2 years ago

Great work Tahleesa all the best with this important project hope you get all the funding you need.

Amy Opio
over 2 years ago

Always thriving for more ! Go Tahleesa, chase those dreams

Megan Bayliss
over 2 years ago

Very happy to support your dream to get this to bedside, Tahleesa. Keep the research, the learning and the treatment coming <3 Mxxxxx

Chris Ross
over 2 years ago

Best of luck with your research!

Jan Carr
over 2 years ago

Tahleesa you are very deserving of any support you receive.. I wish you all the best. I know through dedication and determination you will achieve any goals you set yourself.

Robyn Merenda
about 2 years ago

Well done Tahleesa

Ian Wright
about 2 years ago

Good luck Tahleesa

Julie Napoli
about 2 years ago

Great Work, Tahlessa. Looking forward to following this

Tanya Lewis
about 2 years ago

Love the concept Tahleesa. All the very best.

Marilla Dickfos
about 2 years ago

Inspiring project! I am sure all of your hard work will pay off! All the best.

Brian Tse
about 2 years ago

Very important research project! All the best.

Jacqui Vicki
about 2 years ago

You got this!

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Tahleesa Cuda is a medical doctor specialising in general surgery. She is currently undertaking a PhD through the University of Queensland. Her project is investigating a new treatment paradigm for...

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