IT PAYS TO HAVE FRIENDS IN COLD PLACES: The importance of mixed-species shoaling for tropical fish moving south

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Bridget Roberts
over 1 year ago

Wow, what an amazing, informative video!

Cheryl Nelson
over 1 year ago

Very Interesting and well presented Kai!

Lies Paijmans
over 1 year ago

Really well explained in a succinct and interesting way

Georgia Watson
over 1 year ago

What an interesting finding! You should present this at a conference or something...

James Barker
over 1 year ago

Nice work Kai

Kerry Cameron
over 1 year ago

Great video, Kai, and really interesting results. Good luck!

Marg Emerton
over 1 year ago

Good stuff, Kai!

Caroline Long
over 1 year ago

Well done Kai

Anneke Paijmans
over 1 year ago

nice filming and editing too, good luck!

Greg Fletcher
over 1 year ago

Brilliant work, Kai!

Jo Saccomani
over 1 year ago


Julie Connal
over 1 year ago

Fabulous Kai, really interesting

Kai Paijmans
over 1 year ago

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Christie Chapman
over 1 year ago

Good and nice. 12/10.

Emma McInerney
over 1 year ago

Great research Kai!

Abbey Dalton
over 1 year ago

I love the footage of the South Coast :)

Robert Connal
over 1 year ago

Great video Kai. Beautiful underwater footage and very informative voice over..

Arthur Gatley
over 1 year ago

Hi, the way you present your thesis and interweave it into the video using text and audio helps the viewer to get clearer meaning. I wonder what happens to adults when cold, Antarctic currents happen in winter months.

Paddy Pen
over 1 year ago

Nice information - useful in the classroom. My only (somewhat petty) criticism is the pronunciation of sergeant. Like clerk it is pronounced like jar not serge.

Emma Barr
over 1 year ago

Super interesting research, Kai! Best of luck :)


I'm a marine ecologist and PhD candidate at the University of Wollongong, Australia. My research interests are in the behavioural ecology of fish and how interactions between species impact the str...

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