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1. Summary


Using medical practitioner and hospital records review, the CareTrack study found a wide range of appropriateness of healthcare delivery, across all conditions in Australia. Seventy-five percent of primary eye care in Australia is performed by optometrists yet little information exists on the quality of eye care delivery in optometric practices.


To test the feasibility of clinical record review in optometry practices using a set of purposely developed care indicators.


A retrospective clinical record review of optometry practices was designed to assess the alignment of eye care delivered with the proposed care indicators for preventative eye care, based on the recommendations extracted from the clinical practice guidelines.


Ninety four clinical records from 2013 to 2014 were randomly selected from the UNSW optometry clinic and 2 independent practices and reviewed against a set of 8 proposed preventative eye care indicators including 29 sub-indicators. Overall appropriateness of care were 69% (95%CI = 67% to 70%). Ethnicity (11%), driving status (13%), best corrected binocular refraction, visual acuity for distance (29%) and near (13%) and appropriate recall period for patients older than 65 were least documented. Legibility, usage of nonstandard abbreviation, difficulty in identifying information on unstructured paper records and missing data were potential confounders.


Review of clinical records from optometry practices can feasibly be used to assess the quality of eye care delivery, however, the diverse nature of practices and different recording behaviours associated could confound the results. Use of experienced eye care professionals was judged essential to the feasibility of the review process.


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