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1. Summary

You may already have no interest as soon as you hear the word 'media' in the title.
Is media really a tough business?
Perhaps the print media is no doubt struggling. But, the digital media in fact is growing, especially for fast-growing countries in Asia such as China.
To make a better world, we must have a free and quality information accessible for everyone in every country, not in one language, but in the most spoken languages - English and Mandarin.

We are here not only building the future of the media for Australia, but also creating opportunities for Australian businesses and innovations meanwhile informing 1.4 billion people through independent, quality and engaging information with a focus on Economy & BusinessFood & Health, Science & Technology, and Environment.

It's a media for future-forward-thinking businesses and individuals, beyond the nation boundaries.

2. Description


It’s a common knowledge that the relations between Australia and China are strong in trade. China is Australia’s largest trading partner, while Australia is a leading source of resources, a leading destination for education, tourism and investment for China.
However, due to the nature of incomparable media difference,  there is a high demand of quality information about Australia not being met. For example, there is lack of locally produced, accurate and independent content in mainland China. Meanwhile, Australian businesses cannot talk directly to businesses, consumers and potential customers in China. For example, good and trustworthy content from Australian mainstream media is often inaccessible due to language barriers and censorship. It is also an unfortunate that existing Australia-based Chinese language media does not have quality and independent information, but mainly focus on local news and other pure recreational (food &play) information.   


UpSouth, a digital bilingual (Simplified Chinese / English) publication is designed to primarily cater for the business and other elite readers in mainland China, as well as Chinese residents in Australia.

It provides a source of independent, accurate, and engaging content on multiple channels about doing business and living in Australia.

Competitive Advantages

  • Australia' 1st bilingual digital media
  • Online-only, mobile-friendly
  • Soft content and censorship-safe: NO politics on UpSouth
  • 100% full access from mainland China - ICP certificate (in progress)
  • Multiple social media channels
  • Strategic mix of original in-house produced content and partner supplied content
  • Experienced editorial team
  • Varieties in storytelling: videos, audios, online live interviews / broadcasting, as well as data visulisation
  • Outstanding visual design

Progress So Far

  • Conducted preliminary market research
  • Registerred domain names
  • Designed and built first-stage website prototype
  • Set up temporary web content host 
  • Seeking expression of interest from content partners
  • Testing content creation workflow with contributors
  • Created WeChat and Weibo account and started building audience base

Current UpSouth Social Media Channels

UpSouth WeChat: UpSouth-Australia
UpSouth Twitter: @upsouthcn
UpSouth Weibo: 南上杂志

The Support We Need

We need a quality support on our Business Plan, IT and finance support to possibly pitch for sponsorship / partnership / investment, but more importantly refine the product and push it to the market .

3. Additional Details


Winnie Guo
over 3 years ago

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