Simple, cheap and noninvasive test to monitor cancer resistance.

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1. Summary

Science is amazing! Science applied to medicine is allowing us to make progress against one of the world's most horrible afflictions, cancer. Almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by it.

Incredible new therapies are coming out that are improving many patient outcomes. Unfortunately, far too many patients stop responding to them. Cancer is a complex disease and it constantly evolves, which is the mechanism by which it becomes resistant to therapy. We need better way to monitor how cancer changes. The standard method is to cut people open or drill into bone to detect these changes. That is intrusive, painful and costly.

At the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre we have developed a simple, cheap, noninvasive blood test that can give us information about how a cancer is changing and why it stops responding to therapy. We are getting pretty good at it, and in many cases we can actually detect these changes earlier than traditional methods. Which is fantastic, because the sooner we know resistance is building, we can change therapies and help patients live longer.


David Ma
over 3 years ago

Yess!!! Science!

S Bagby
over 3 years ago

Science! Yay.

Tomas German-Palacios
over 3 years ago

Science the foundation of everything!!!

Nancy Oretskin
over 3 years ago

Go Science!

Cheryl Alley
over 3 years ago

Great ideas!

Kathy Easterling
over 3 years ago

Critical contribution

Lynn Bain
over 3 years ago

Well done Tane

Jim Allen
over 3 years ago

Great message

neha patel
almost 2 years ago

That is a good news to hear. Cancer treatments have become expensive and it is very painful as well. A colleague of mine recently got diagnosed with skin cancer. It is very rare in the locality we live in. We work with Top builders in Trivandrum. Could it be the construction jobs that are responsible for such rare diseases?