Maintenance diets following rapid weight loss in obstructive sleep apnea: a pilot 1-year clinical trial.





1. Summary

Excess weight is undoubtedly one of the major modifiable risk factors for sleep apnea. But we rarely actively help our patients lose weight and many patients who do lose weight often put it back on again (rebound). In this clinical trial we had a clinical nutritionist/exercise physiologist help over 40 of our sleep apnea patients (both those on CPAP and those not on CPAP) lose about 12.9 kg of body mass using a 2 month Very Low Energy Diet program. After that they switched to 1 of 2 maintenance diets and managed to maintain most of their weight loss out to 1 year follow-up regaining only about 3kg. This weight loss maintenance programme piloting two common diets for our obese OSA patients was feasible, tolerable and efficacious for a period of 10 months and may be directly translatable into clinical sleep laboratories in the Australian healthcare system and possibly elsewhere.

2. Share a PubMed or DOI link to article

doi: 10.1111/jsr.12572

3. Do you have any ideas to expand upon this research? Are you looking for collaborators?

We are looking at translating this program and/or potentially testing it in combination with other therapies in larger trials


Yasmina Serinel
about 3 years ago

You are right - its easy to give up on trying to institute weight loss in our patients because of a lack of long term results - which is such a shame. The sustained weight loss in this pilot trial is pretty impressive, it would be wonderful to see if we could emulate this is in a larger cohort. Well done!

Estel Jordan
almost 3 years ago

You are definitely right. Doctors should monitor the weight loss and the period of possible rebound.
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angle angle
over 2 years ago

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