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Past Ice \ Future Ice

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Follow along on a journey to David Glacier, Antarctica. I share a unique discovery regarding the past behaviour of this glacier. The discovery, a rapid thinning event right at the end of Earth's last ice age, is made through careful collection of glacial erratics in the field and laboratory analysis of a rare element produced by high energy particles from deep space. This discovery frames modern ice changes in a historical context and informs predictions of the future Antarctic Ice Sheet and global sea level. In this way, past ice connects us to future ice.

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Future Leader Award

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#DavidGlacier #ProjectDOGTREAT


Jason Burge
over 1 year ago

Nicely done.

Beth Kirchhoff
over 1 year ago

Very clear explanation of how important his work is for our planet’s people

Gabriela Roldan
over 1 year ago

thank you for explaining such a complex research in an easy to follow way! this is a great piece of science communications

Stefano Casale
over 1 year ago


Kate Magee
over 1 year ago

You are awesome Jamey Stutz!

Jane Chewings
over 1 year ago

Nice work Jamey! #ProjectDOGTREAT

Nico Linde
over 1 year ago

Great work, and its nice to know I did my bit in helping you in Antarctica!

Bia Boucinhas
over 1 year ago

Amazing work Jamey! So happy I could be a small part of it and learn so muvh from you! Super thankful for the opportunity! All the best, lovr the video!

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Category: People's Choice Award






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