Yasur: Three Months on the Volcano that Never Sleeps

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1. Please provide a brief summary of your video and research.

This project is focused on Yasur volcano, located on Tanna Isalnd, Vanuatu. Yasur is a globally rare persistently active volcano that has existed in a continous state of eruption for at least 800 years. Yasur produces sustained, small Strombolian explosions from several summit vents. The processes that sustain such consistent activity over such long timescales are currently poorly understood. The deep internal dynamics of volcanoes like Yasur are typically investigated using geochemistry of eruption products, while shallow-level processes (such as eruptions) are examined using geophysical techniques along with gas measurements. My research seeks to bring together these aspects of volcanology to build a unified model of the factors that control explosive eruption behaviour at Yasur.

In 2016, I spent three months living at the base of Yasur. Almost every day I climbed the volcano and conducted monitoring of the activity using a number of instruments and techniques. The submitted video outlines my research, and gives the viewer a glimpse of what it is like to spend three months on the world's most active volcano.

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I am a New Zealander living in Auckland. My current research is fouced on Yasur volcano located on Tanna Island, Vanuatu. Yasur is a globally rare persistently active volcano that has existed in a ...

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