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1. Summary

Omersion is a social innovation company that specialises in the provision of advanced international social entrepreneurship programs to talented post-graduate and MBA students.

Co-Founder Naomi Bradley is nearing completion of her Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney. During her tenure, Naomi won the Dean’s Scholarship for Remote and Rural Enterprise in recognition of her work with remote Indigenous communities. Nominated by a member of staff, this scholarship recognises candidates with sound academic performances in the Business School, who also demonstrate an aptitude for cultural awareness, community development and sustainability and entrepreneurial capabilities. One in four granted by the Dean annually.

Naomi participated in the RARE program with Omersion CEO/Co-Founder, University of Sydney and Australian National University Alumni Jo Greenlees, a sustainability expert specialising in Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Jo and Naomi were both acknowledged by the Dean for finishing within the top 2% of their class in Business Innovation and Sustainability in 2014. In addition, Jo Greenlees was acknowledged for coming first in class for Business Transformation in 2015.

Naomi and Jo were granted an Ambassadorial scholarship to represent Australia, the University of Sydney and the United States Studies Centre for the Inaugural G’Day USA Tour in 2015 with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop, US delegates, Fortune 500 leaders and leading academics where they met Omersion Co-Founder, CFO and University of Sydney MBA Alumni Christopher Murphy.

The Omersion team are all post-graduate qualified with a plethora of knowledge in business, strategy, innovation and social entrepreneurship. Each member of the Omersion team has participated in multiple local and international student programs at post-graduate level and come highly experienced in leading social change. 

2. Description

Omersion is committed to providing the ultimate social innovation experience through empowering high performing students to solve real world problems in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our aim is to provide advanced practical and theoretical international educational experiences in social entrepreneurship and sustainable leadership, to assist Australian universities in developing conscious future leaders.

Value proposition: Omersion aims to appeal to the best and brightest young entrepreneurs in Australian universities by offering a premium social enterprise leadership program offering shared value to students, universities as well as the communities we serve.

Omersion will work to achieve a dual mandate, aiming to utilize social innovation as a tool to address needs in international communities whilst providing a social entrepreneurship leadership program for students at leading universities in Australia.

In an interview with Michael Porter (2012) he outlines that ‘NGOs and social enterprises have been thinking too much about doing good, about helping people, about providing charity, about giving money, and they really have not thought about creating value for whatever societal problems that they are trying to address. And they have not thought about the rigor and discipline of management and entrepreneurial thinking, which for me is about innovation, better ways of doing things, and creating value where it has not existed before’.

Omersion aims to be the most advanced social immersion program in the industry, educating and empowering all participants to create scalable solutions to real world problems, that offer both financial and social value toward society as a whole.

3. Additional Details

The Omersion Social Leadership Program will ensure that each learning experience is adding value to the student society. We at Omersion believe that if students are given the correct tools with a challenging, hands-on social innovation experience, we will be helping to build leaders of tomorrow who will continue to prioritise social priorities long past graduation.

The Omersion team wishes to utilise the University of Sydney’s entrepreneurial contacts through entering the Genesis program in 2016. Omersion is aiming to take the first group of post-graduate students overseas in January 2017.

If the University of Sydney supports Omersion by providing scholarships and/or credit points for students to participate in the program, then Omersion has a duty of care to these universities and students to provide a social entrepreneur program that consistently embodies the principles that we endorse and promote. Students will be offered a professional opportunity to build their leadership skills and network with social innovation experts throughout the program. Students will be treated as consultants and given the guided autonomy to innovate in order to solve real world problems. Students will be given all the necessary tools and information and encouraged to think big.

In addition to the above, all successful participants will be invited to join the Omersion Alumni and kept informed of projects, job/internship opportunities and networking events.

We believe Omersion will help build leaders of tomorrow and help students gain employment post graduation, offering an uncontested real world experience and a chance to make a lasting change.



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