Forests of the Sea

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1. Summary

Forests of the Sea is a stop-motion animation that aims to give an overview of a local science story. It is a visual narrative with simple and short word cues to aid the story-line about the ecological changes and socio-economic consequences associated with the oceanic warming off south-eastern Australia.

2. Description

The Forests of the Sea stop-motion animation is a Lynchpin Scholarship collaboration between UTAS/IMAS PhD candidates Jorge E. Ramos Castillejos (Mexico) and Felipe Briceño Jacques (Chile) with Dutch artist Malou Zuidema. The animation aims to give an overview about the ecological changes and socio-economic consequences associated with the oceanic warming off south-eastern Australia, in part caused by the strengthening further south of the warm East Australian Current.

3. Additional Details

For a full version of the animation please visit
For additional details on the making of the animation please visit!lynchpin/cxtk



Maria Eliana Gomez Robles
over 4 years ago

SO GREAT!!! Good job Yorch

Sylvia Helder
over 4 years ago

Very well done!

Ale Saav Dra
over 4 years ago

Muy bueno

Berni Jacob
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S Leigh Thompson
over 4 years ago

Love it!

Monica Cangero
over 4 years ago

I loved this! Great job!

Javier Porobic
over 4 years ago


llpilar llpilar
over 4 years ago


Rachel O'Malley
over 4 years ago

So creative and informative great work! :)

cesar salinas
over 4 years ago

Muy bien Jorgito! animo!! Viva Mexico tambien!

Önder Duysak
over 4 years ago

Global warming is the main problem for all over the world seas.

Cheryl Mann
over 4 years ago

way cool! hope my vote helps you all to win the grand prize! :)

Patricio Fuentes
over 4 years ago

Muy bueno!! Felicitaciones!! Suerte!!

Camila Hernandez
over 4 years ago

muy bueno! felicitaciones!

danna danna
over 4 years ago

Magnificent! I love the "Science Building" especially.

ariadna m. sánchez garcía
over 4 years ago

I love it! I think is a very good briefly video but it is very complete...congratulations collagues!

Navid Zohoury
over 4 years ago

Great job! Informative and fun to watch.

Adam Wozney
over 4 years ago


MaiteM MaiteM
over 4 years ago

Maravilloso!!!! Sencillo, al grano y muy bonito!!! Felicidades Tasmanianos adoptivos!

Sheila Castellanos Martinez
over 4 years ago

Very nice and explicative

Karen Watson
over 4 years ago

Fantastic work guys!! Brilliant!

Anthony William
almost 2 years ago

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We are a group of friends with one aim in common: to make awareness of climate change and associated impacts on wild life and human communities. Malou Zuidema is a talented Dutch artist fascinated ...