Drivers of fish movement through an estuarine surge-barrier: A critical study in the mitigation of mass fish kills in coastal ecosystems.

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sonya cerny
over 1 year ago

You are incredible, good luck my dear!

Daniel Martinez
over 1 year ago

I love your drive and enthusiastic outlook in everything you set your mind into, keep that passion for the environment always! Wishing you all the best in your research!

Alisha McLaughlin
over 1 year ago

Best of luck gorgeous x

Amber Whiteford
over 1 year ago

This is awesome! I hope you win :)

Shane Addicoat
over 1 year ago

Good Luck, Sis

Britta Muñoz
over 1 year ago

Amazing job! So professional!

Tyson Addicoat
over 1 year ago

Awesome work!

Sheridan Raiti
over 1 year ago

Sounds so interesting. Well done and good luck!

Darcee Rafferty
over 1 year ago

Great stuff

Amy Michele
over 1 year ago

Fantastic Video!!! You got this girl :) Good Luck!!! Xxxx

Wayne Long
over 1 year ago

Great work Richelle. I hope you win!!

Sian Randall
about 1 year ago

<3 Go Richelle !!