The Unwritten History of Mt Taranaki

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Mt. Taranaki/Egmont is an active volcano with the potential for a large eruption that could impact the both the Taranaki region and the broader North Island, causing significant loss of life and economic impacts. While some eruptions during Taranaki's last eruptive period (between ~200 to 800 years ago) may have been witnessed by humans, no written or scientific records exist of the volcano's activity, including its most recent eruption ~200 years ago. That means to learn about the volcano's potential future eruptions, we must investigate the deposits left behind by past activity.

In this study we collect and analyse samples from on and around Taranaki volcano using a wide variety of methods to learn about the patterns of its eruptive history. Looking at magnetic and geochemical content of deposits from Taranaki's past eruptions can give us insights into the ages of the deposits and the types of eruption that created them. Understanding Taranaki's unwritten past is the key to preparing for what it may do in the future.

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David Little
about 2 years ago

The content is interesting. The article talks about the Taranaki volcano. According to the article, Mt. Taranaki/Egmont is an active volcano with the chance for a huge outbreak that can have an effect on both the Taranaki area and the broader North Island. It has the potential to result in a considerable loss of life and financial impacts.

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