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1. Please provide a short summary of your research, project or technology.

Improvement is needed in Neurological health movement disorder screening and monitoring, especially in rural and remote areas.

My research investigates the development of a unique low cost piece of biomedical engineering and software that can provide remote tele-health access with qualified Neurologists. In turn this device can lead to improved diagnostics for remote and indigenous communities and rural paediatric patients who would otherwise go unseen.

This research will lead to providing new diagnostic screening information which will advance the knowledge base for early detection, prediction, characterisation and diagnosis of tremor, ataxia and movement disorders such as  Parkinson’s  disease. We will be able to achieve what is not being achieved presently through quantitative monitoring rather than only qualitative.

This research will not only aid in improving Neurological healthcare and accessibility but also produce a reduction in patient waiting times with higher volumes of patients able to be screened, triaged, monitored.

2. Additional Details

Having engaged in a myriad of scientific disciplines and research projects I have come to think of myself as a scientific explorer, researcher and innovator. I have lived in Queensland Australia for 3 years after working within the scientific community for 12 years in New Zealand and the UK.


During this time, I came to understand the importance of positive and valuable research that will contribute to our society. I have had the privilege of being able to direct my career path toward med-tech/engineering research, supporting the development and application of

novel technologies with a current focus on the neurological and movement disorder problem space. 


I am currently working together with a small team headed by Ben Donnet at MedTech Engineering development house, Neuroworks Labs Pty Ltd in Queensland. We are completing a world first research project from concept design to prototype building, including 3D printing, hand PCB assembly to clinical trial phase and commercialisation and of course, everything in-between.


I have been fortunate enough to secure funding through Advance Queensland’s Ignite Ideas Fund to help support our research and development. We are also incredibly fortunate to have support and mentorship from pinnacle Neurologists and federal and state members of parliament.


I have also during this research and development met and engaged in round table discussions with representatives from the Queensland’s Department of Health. I have also presented and engaged with a working group discussion with representatives from relevant agencies, including the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation;

Department of State Development; Queensland Treasury; Queensland Department of

Health; and the Department of Tourism Events and Small Business and the Department of the Premier and cabinet.


Ben Donnet
over 2 years ago

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Lisa Macaskill
over 2 years ago

Great video Kelly. Sounds fascinating.

Melanie Papagianopoulos
over 2 years ago

Fantasting work Kelly!! xx

Kelly Rusbatch
over 2 years ago

Thank you! If you want to support this awesome Queensland research please vote. There is a vote button if you scroll up x


My background is in medical research, with a broad understanding across a myriad of scientific disciplines, clinical trial projects and trial logistic management. I have extensive knowledge of med...

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