A unified, therapeutic cannabis market: lessons from Colorado

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1. Summary

Todd's PhD thesis is a multi-source investigation of issues with the implementation and evolution of the recreational cannabis market in Colorado. As the world's first fully commercialised seed to sale legal marijuana market for adults, Colorado is an important example to begin examining early consequences of specific policy choices.

Qualitative research draws on the Colorado Official State Web Portal and other government documents such as House and Senate Bills, Governor Executive Orders, Legislative Council records, industry notifications, and meeting minutes. Additionally the following were examined: Retail Marijuana Code, emerging literature from noted cannabis scholars, media stories, interviews with senior regulators, industry executives and front line public health officials, together with field observations from tours of cultivation facilities, dispensaries, trade shows, and policy symposiums.

The research brings the material together to highlight important lessons learned from the Colorado cannabis markets for regulators in other jurisdictions considering the legalisation of cannabis for adult-use. A key finding of the study relates to the Sunset review 2018 that recommends the unification of medical and recreational cannabis markets in Colorado in order to streamline regulatory efficiency and maximise tax revenues.

Findings associated with the research have been disseminated in multiple international journals and conferences.



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PhD student at National Drug Research Institute at Curtin Univerisity. Runs website http://www.marijuanasurveys.org/