Cancer research: Now showing in 3D

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1. Please provide a short summary of your research, project or technology.

In Queensland, one in two men and one in two women will develop cancer in their lifetime. Traditional methods for cancer research use cells grown on a two-dimensional surface, such as plastic or glass, which does not replicate human biology because humans are not two-dimensional. I am developing new three-dimensional technologies for cancer research, using cancer cells grown inside of a jelly-like material (a hydrogel). These three-dimensional models are like “mini-tissues”, that are able to provide a more realistic environment for researchers to study cancer. This research will benefit Queensland by placing it at the forefront of cutting-edge cancer research technologies, and by providing a new method for drug companies to test new cancer treatments. This could lead to a greater speed to market, greater drug accuracy in humans, and will reduce drug testing in animals. These three-dimensional “mini-tissues” open the way for a new generation of cancer research.


Makrina Totsika
20 days ago

Excellent approach Laura and team. Best of luck with your research!

Carol Richter
19 days ago

Great idea.

Christopher Haggarty-Weir
19 days ago

Very cool!

Yabalu Abacha
16 days ago

Good luck!

Debra Allen
15 days ago

Great job, good luck 👍💋

indiraprasadam indiraprasadam
14 days ago

Good luck Laura 👍🏽

Brittany Alysha
13 days ago

Good luck Laura and thanks for sending the link through Maria!

cecile francis
12 days ago

Good Luck Laura!

Jeremy B
12 days ago

Keep up the good work Laura!

Laura Bray
12 days ago

Thank you everyone for your votes and kind comments so far! :-)

Jennifer Allen
8 days ago

Well done LAura. We are both proud of your achievements.

Anita Maartens
8 days ago

Good luck, Laura!