Discovering Volcano Histories

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1. Summary

Why do volcanic eruptions start?

To answer such an important question, we need to understand how volcanic systems work...

We cannot travel inside active volcanoes as Jules Verne envisioned (yet!), but we can investigate the products of volcanic eruptions: volcanic rocks and the crystals they contain.

Crystals formed at depth hold the keys to deep volcanic histories... During crystal growth, the chemical composition of the crystals changes in response to changing magma conditions. So it is now up to us to collect volcanic crystals and analyse them using the latest analytical advances!

Unravelling the secrets that volcanic crystals hold we aim at better understanding how volcanoes work :)

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Ben McNeil
about 4 years ago

Great job Teresa! What type of isotopes do you measure in the rings?

Teresa Ubide
about 4 years ago

Thanks Ben! I am mostly interested in trace element concentrations, which I measure 'in-situ' by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS). Transition metals such as chromium and nickel are highly concentrated in mantle-derived magmas and therefore, crystal 'rings' enriched in such elements reveal processes of replenishment of the magma reservoir with new, mantle-derived melts. Magma reservoir replenishment can trigger the onset of volcanic eruptions, so tracking the process in the crystal record is a key aim of my research!

Daniela Ubide
about 4 years ago

Que bien Teresa, Buena suerte !xoxo

Giota And
about 4 years ago

Great job!!!

Zilda França
about 4 years ago

You are a great pedagogic scientist! Congratulations.
I wish the best for you. Um beijinho. Zilda

Teresa Ubide
about 4 years ago

Thank you all very much for your time and support!! :)

Hernando Royo
about 4 years ago

Me encanta cómo consigues que lo complicado parezca sencillo. ¡Buen trabajo y buena suerte!

Alicia Valverde
about 4 years ago


about 4 years ago

Mucha suerte!!

Rob McGrath
about 4 years ago

Great plan