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Think about Siri or Cortana. Think about artificial intelligence characters that live in your smartphone. Now it is the time to meet a new college mate Calidar, a friendly application that will be a fantastic helper for your campus life!

If you get tired of wasting time on finding available spot through different learning hubs and libraries; if you want to catch up newest events which appealing; if you need a quick tutorial from mythical HD peers; if you want to be motivated on studying but also spend your valuable time wisely -  Calidar is designed for you!

Using the cutting-edge technologies such as big data analytics and machine learning, combined with on-field research, we are inspired to build statistical models as well as algorithms for Calidar, therefore provide personized timetable, recommended activities and social interact for college students.

Calidar is more than just an idea. We have clear profit model, completed development agenda, mature technologies, most importantly the targeted functions which will meet users’ need. In a segmented market with more than 1.5 million Australia college students as potential users, the appearance of Carlida is aiming to revitalize campus life that beyond everyone’s imagination!


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