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1. Summary

In 2016 the WHO reported that over 90% of the world’s population lived in areas which exceeded air quality limit. Air pollution has a dramatic impact globally with estimates of over 6.5 million people dying each year directly as a result of air pollution. In Australia alone it is estimated that over 3000 Australians will die prematurely this year as a result of poor air quality. Compounding this problem is that there are many places both in Australia and around the world where there is no air quality monitoring data that is publicly available and accessible. This is partly due to the fact that weather stations are expensive, easily exceeding $2000 for an entry level device. Our team is committed to tackling this problem through the creation of a portable and inexpensive IoT Device which will monitor air quality in real-time and publish the open source data to enable members of the public to be aware of the quality of air they breathe in their local area. This has a number of key benefits. Firstly it can be used to discover areas where air quality needs to be fixed and thereby save people’s lives as well as improve their quality of life. Through providing greater visibility of air quality this may also empower local communities to have a positive influence on public policies aimed at reducing air pollution. In addition, the monitoring data can also be used to benefit people’s lives as the data streamed from our devices can be received by other IoT connected devices such as air purifying systems to further improve air quality.

2. Additional Details

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Alexandra Tran
almost 4 years ago

Thank you for voting for Breathe Easy!

Rob A
almost 4 years ago

Your mission is inspirational. The best of luck to all of you!!!!

John Lane
almost 4 years ago

Stylish weather station. Definitely feasible project.

Monica Kim
almost 4 years ago

Wonderful video. Thank you for creating such an amazing web app. It's great to see the levels of air pollution in real time.

Gian Corpuz
almost 4 years ago

Amazing work! Ingenious and life saving. As a person living with severe asthma, this innovation has the real potential to improve the quality of life and health of so many people.

David Sim
almost 4 years ago

I am honestly paranoid about how much particulate matter my family and I inhale, especially in city areas. I would love to have a weather station to monitor the air quality in my car, home and office.

Jessica Kent
almost 4 years ago

Your video and product is beautiful. I'll definitely use your website to check the cleanliness of the air in my neighbourhood.

Bruce Duggan
almost 4 years ago

Well done Alex

Jen Lee
almost 4 years ago

Amazing work Alex - well done! A very creative and practical device and app.