The Introduction: 150 Years of Brown Trout in New Zealand

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1. Please provide a brief summary of your video and research.

2017 marks not only the 150th anniversary of the Royal Society, but the 150th anniversary of the introduction of brown trout to New Zealand too.

I am currently completing a PhD in History at Otago University, where I am researching the introduction of brown trout to New Zealand. Whilst researching this, I realised there was a real public interest in my research and that I should look for an outlet that allowed me to communicate my research more widely. So I teamed up with friend and film-maker Ben Pierce and, together with a lot of help, we produced a documentary in February 2017 based on my research. Our intention in producing this was to create something that was imminently watchable and that would have wide spread appeal to anglers throughout the world, as well as anyone interested in environmental or New Zealand history, but that would have a strong historical backbone. It is a way to hopefully spread my research to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

This film seeks to tell the story of the introduction of brown trout to New Zealand as well as provide the social and cultural background and motivation for the introduction. Accordingly, it brings together broad themes of colonisation and environmental history into a very specific case study. Finally, the film concludes by posing some very pertinent questions about the future of not just brown trout, but New Zealand's freshwater environments generally. Complementing the film are stunning visuals of New Zealand and our brown trout.

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