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1. Please provide a short summary of your research, project or technology.

Stephanie Piper is a researcher, scientist, 3D printing expert and community STEM leader. She has studied Biomedicine at USQ with an honours year in vaccine development and has undertaken research at QUT looking at 3D printable, biodegradable scaffolds. Her projects included work with biodegradable breast scaffolds as an alternative to silicone implants and smart structures with 3D printed auxetic materials and triply periodic minimal surface structures. 

She also volunteers as the president of the Brisbane Hackerspace (, the largest community-run workshop and STEM hub in Australia. She also regularly volunteers at local schools and events to teach 3D printing, 3D modelling and 3D scanning. 

Currently, she is working at USQ as the library community engagement coordinator and manages the library makerspace as a formal

& informal STEM learning environment for students, staff and the wider community. She is currently conducting research into

makerspaces, informal learning environments and building digital literacy with new technologies. See her website here for more information:



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