Physiological monitoring for Spectral CT imaging of live small animals of lung cancer models

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I am a first years PhD student in the centre of Bioengineering at the University of Otago Christchurch.I am working on the implementation of cardiorespiratory gating on MARS Spectral CT, to enable it with imaging of the live sample.

Physiological monitoring of live specimens combined with fast imaging at low dose is essential requirements for spectral molecular imaging. The MARS scanner is a micro-spectral CT scanner designed for studying small animals and biological specimens. It has the potential to depict markers of disease activity, disease burden, drug delivery and response to treatment in a single scan with low radiation dose, often obviating the need for biopsy. Motion artefacts and blurring in computed tomography images, induced by cardiorespiratory movements of live specimens, require image correction. We aim to set small animal monitoring equipment and anaesthetics tubes in the MARS spectral scanner and provide recommendations for future integration of the simultaneously acquired physiological data. The ultimate goal of gating on Mars spectral CT system is to diagnose lung infection of rodent models and measure the drug delivery to tumours and adequacy of response using high –Z nano particles.The ability to set up the small animal monitoring equipment and anaesthetic tubes paves the way for measuring multiple biomarkers simultaneously in live animal models of cancer or pneumonia in a way that can be translated to human imaging once a human size MARS scanner is built in Christchurch




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Lung cancer


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