The Beauty of Science





1. Tell us a little bit about your photo(s)

Science in Action:
- Out there: Field work brings us to the most beautiful places. This photo was taken at Mimosa Rocks National Park, where for a very short moment, the sky turned on a spectacular display.
- With Arms Wide Open: It is moments like the one captured in this image that make all the long and hard days of fieldwork worthwhile.

Beauty and Wonder of Science:
- Double-barred Finch: This shot was taken in Capertee Valley, a true gem for birders and people who love nature. The punchy colours of the bottlebrush contrast with the monochrome plumage of this magnificent bird.
- Rainbow Lorikeet: On a recent trip to Port Stephens, I had the chance to observe a large flock of rainbow lorikeets from above, which gave me the opportunity to capture their beautiful plumage from an uncommon point of view.
- Fairy Wren: Capturing wrens can be a challenge as these birds are quite small and really fast. It took a lot of patience to get this photo of a female wren.
- Milky Rockpools: Due to light pollution, it is very hard to see the stars at night. In remote places, such as Buddi National Park, one can observe distant galaxies in all their beauty.

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