Social behaviour and network structure in a reef manta ray population

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Simon Perryman
over 1 year ago

Great video,

Thanda Ko Gyi
over 1 year ago

I think I saw Bugs in the video :D
The only Raja manta whose name and pattern I still remember !!

Rob Perryman
over 1 year ago

Haha awesome!

Izuan Usman
over 1 year ago

Success Rob

Rob Perryman
over 1 year ago

Please press the button on the right to vote if you like my video! Thanks !!!!

Edra Williams
over 1 year ago

Great video! Good luck!

Sue Yeandle
over 1 year ago

Amazing and beautiful new scientific evidence about our precious natural environment

Will Foster
over 1 year ago

Great video Rob! Can't wait to see more of the research you're doing! Amazing.

Aidan Slinn
over 1 year ago

Great video, looking forward to more!

Roland Kai
over 1 year ago

Cool stuff Rob! Finally a little more insight of what you have been doing in Raja!

Anna Bohach
over 1 year ago

Brilliant video, Rob. Great job. ?

Marco Palma
over 1 year ago


Agata Paraszczak
over 1 year ago

Wow, so interesting! Thank you for doing your reaserch Rob!

shane fennelly
over 1 year ago

Nice video, man.

Sarah Wharton
over 1 year ago

this is awesome Rob!! good luck... :)

Selen Yavuzdogan
over 1 year ago

Great video Rob. Hope you win

Tom Shardlow
over 1 year ago

Great video! Just a little bit envious of your job!


I'm a researcher for Marine Megafauna Foundation and a PhD candidate at Macquarie University, studying social organisation in reef manta rays. Twitter: @Manta_Rob, Facebook: Marine Megafauna ...

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