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1. Summary

Sleep apnoea is a sleep related breathing disorder that involves a decrease or complete halt of airflow. It is a serious and prevalent health issue affecting quality of life associated with a high rate of mortality and morbidity. If it remains untreated, the consequences are immense such as cardiac disorders, heart failure and physiological, psychological and financial sever costs. It is estimated that anywhere up to 15% of the population have sleep apnoea and many suffer from daytime sleepiness and fatigue which may be a symptom of disturbed sleep pattern.

Thus, it is vigorously needed to be treated. The standard treatment is CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) which basically operates like an inverse vacuum cleaner and pumps the air into the airway to keep it open. There are other treatment options such as surgery, medication and oral appliances. At the Sleep Research Group in Charles Perkins Centre, the University of Sydney, we believe that as people are different, so are the causes, symptoms, anatomies and clinical parameters. The aim of this research is to personalise the therapy for sleep apnoea and provide every individual with the best treatment option to reduce the cost and improve the treatment outcome. 


Ati Sadr
over 2 years ago

Great lively natural presentation

Negat Kamran
over 2 years ago

This subject is very close to my heart, thank to you for all you have done!????

Sanaz Alavi
over 2 years ago

That was very interesting subject. Good work Nadi.

Farnoosh Farrokhzad
over 2 years ago

Great job dear Nadi, Good luck

Negar F
over 2 years ago

Great job Nadi

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Mah Tab
over 2 years ago

Good luck Nadi joon

Mojgan Houshmandi
over 2 years ago

Good luck Nadi jan

Ben Johnston
over 2 years ago

You absolutely crushed that video! Nice work Nadi, really interesting project.

Aisa Esfandiari
over 2 years ago

Great job nadi joon ??????

Reza Haghighi
over 2 years ago

Awesome presentation Dr. Nadi ?

Aida Sadr
over 2 years ago

Good Job Ame Dr ! Engaging knowledgeable accessible and informative

Mahdieh Dashtbani
over 2 years ago

Interesting! Best of luck :-)

Iman Aryanfar
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Fereshteh Payam
over 2 years ago

Really interesting and useful subject ?and wonderful presentation ? good luck dear Nadi?

Andrew Mosh
over 2 years ago

Good on ya Nadi joon

Miad Zandavi
over 2 years ago

Interesting!!!!! Best Wishes.

Rosa Kar
over 2 years ago

Perfect! Wish u the best Nadi jan!

Peimaneh Azarhooshangi
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Nadi Sadr
over 2 years ago

Thank you very much everyone for your warm kind comments and votes. Hope we can make a difference, improve the treatment system and increase the public awareness for sleep disorders. :)

Qader Qadimi
over 2 years ago

Good luck ?

Mersedeh Rezaei
over 2 years ago

Great job Nadi joooni ♥️

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Shahin Nourozi
over 2 years ago

Well done


Nadi is a Biomedical Engineer working at the Sleep Research group of Charles Perkins Centre, the University of Sydney. She finished her PhD at the University of Sydney on developing minimally invas...

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