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Hostel pricing opens the doors to every type of guest. Mostly shoe-string backpackers that need cheap, clean, safe accommodation in multiple international locations for long periods of travel.  The price point, however, makes this accommodation accessible to troublemakers. The latter are characterised by being loud, rude, dirty, offensive, thieving, etc. By nature, hostels provide less privacy than hotels, their key offering being shared accommodation. This increases the likelihood of a troublemaker negatively impacting the experience of multiple guests and hurting a hostel's reputation and bottom line. 
While most hostels keep lists of troublemakers, those are only of value to them if the latter decided to re-visit the respective hostel. That said, one hostel's negative experience can be invaluable to another hostel.
A SaaS product can provide easy access to a centralised database of hostel guest behavioural records. Each hostel can tap in and check the background of a guest requesting to stay in their accommodation. The business model will incentivise hostels to add and update records to the database. The historic data allows the hostel to protect their business, brand and other guests from undesirable guest types by making an informed decision on whether to accept a reservation or not.


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